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  Our farm is the largest aquaculture enterprise in Russia engaged in sturgeon rearing. It is located in the northwest Russia, in the Region of Vologda. We have been breeding sturgeon species over 20 years.

  During this period we have created productive sturgeon broodstocks that we get sturgeon roe for food and fish breeding purposes from and also grow fish seeds and fish products for sale.

  Being actively involved in addressing the issue of sturgeons’ protection, in order to preserve the gene pool of these rare and endangered species, we have formed and we keep forming our own collection.

  In cooperation with different Russian and foreign institutions and research centres, we use the most advanced technologies and developments in our work which provide for managing sturgeons in settings simulating natural ones, with as much comfort as possible.


  Choosing the technology, we purposefully refrained from the use of improved enclosed and semi-enclosed systems wherein fish permanently stays in a more polluted environment, which normally results in an unpleasant aftertaste.

  The sturgeons are grown and kept in conditions closest to the natural. They reside in running river water – in cages, outdoor pools, as well as in purpose-built production facilities with basin tanks.

  Fish feed do not contain growth hormone and genetically modified products.

  The company mostly uses manual labor. All fish in a broodstock is labelled with individual electronic tags, which enables a rigorous individual control and correction of physiological state of each fish at any stage of its breeding, providing best conditions for it.

  The maturity of the roe is determined by ultrasound methods (ultrasonic diagnosis) do not injuring the fish.

  All this allows to breed our basic product – live fish that further serves a source for production of top quality  caviar in almost ideal conditions, and the technology that we use enables a rigorous control over all processes at all production stages – from the moment when fish hitches from eggs to the moment when a tin of caviar falls into your hands.

  Our production scheme:

  Fish breeding – roe production – processing the roe into caviar or impregnating the roe for further fish breeding out of it.

  The process of impregnation, as well as the mystery of transformation of roe to larva and larva to baby fish takes place in the “incubator and larva” shop. The baby fish is grown there to a specific size and then is transferred to the “adolescent” facility in which it is kept until being transferred to the next age group.

  For the following years, the fish stays in a replacement stock in which it is grown till the moment of sex determination, and then females are transferred to a replacement broodstock in which, in 4 to 6 years, they start to spawn. After the first spawn, females are transferred to a productive roe broodstock.

  The raw roe that is further collected from them is immediately passed to the processing facility in which it is salted and packed in sterile tins.


  It is no secret that roe quality directly depends on the environment the fish lives in, as well as the breeding technology. Our main asset is the water of the forest River Suda  – it is because of its particular quality, a decision was taken to grow productive broodstocks here and not anywhere else.
 There are no industrial and agricultural facilities upstream – the river grows with multiple north marshes and lakes, carrying its rapid waters along the banks overgrown with primeval forests.